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There is more letting go of the past

Most of the time we don’t get to enjoy God’s purpose and will for our life to the fullest, simply because we still hold on to our past. And we say a lot of things like; I just don’t think I can, if you know what I have done, if you know my background, if you know where I have been in life.

The key to actually living a purposeful and impactful life as God has ordained few must learn to forget whatever it is that might have been done in the past,

“If any is in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away behold everything becomes new.”

This is simply telling us that God isn’t concerned with our past life or whatever we might have done in it.

Paul was a perfect example of this. He was a man who greatly persecuted the church and sorted after every believer to have t hem killed but went ahead to be one of the greatest apostles to have lived. He could have just sat there and feel remorseful about what he had done in the past, but rather he knew that he was a new man and he had a new name as an evidence for his new nature. This implies that who he becomes from that moment on was as a result of the decisions he takes from that moment on and not his past decisions.

Even when he was at Damascus everyone there were scared of coming close to him, as they thought it was a guise by him because of what they knew about his past, but he became close to them because they saw that the Paul they are seeing now is different from the Saul the used to know and dread.

“When you accept who you are now not minding what your past was then people can accept you for what you are. Never mind what your past looked like”

Paul achieved great things and was loved by many, fulfilling God’s purpose for his life because he was comfortable with his past. He understood there was nothing he could do to change his past but there was something he could do today that would make people forget about his past. He understood the power of today. Yes he was the one who held peoples clothes while they stoned Stephen, but he was the same person that was thrown into prison for teaching and preaching the same Jesus Christ which he stoned Stephen for.

If Jesus knowing our past still chose to die for us then we shouldn’t be brooding over a past that has been fixed.

“For while we were sinners Christ came and died for our sins.”

This implies that Jesus has fixed our past by coming to die on the cross. Walk into the greater life by living out today in line with God’s purpose without fear of the past. Because only this way can we achieve many great things.


5 thoughts on “There is more letting go of the past”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, I really needed to have this reminder today! Satan loves to remind us of our past but God wants us to look towards the future and what HE has done in us.


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