Understanding God’s will

A lot of believers are quick to tag a situation which isn't going the way they had planned, and might really require faith to get through as the will of God. But is that really the will of God? The nature of man is always in conflict with the things of God, so it's easy… Continue reading Understanding God’s will


The Golden rule

When Jesus was asked by a pharisee what the greatest commandment is, the reply He gave was a unique and direct reply loaded with insight which is known by many as the golden rule. Hearing that Jesus had silenced the sadduces, the pharisees got together. One of them an expert in law, tests Him with… Continue reading The Golden rule

There is More

There is more letting go of the past

Most of the time we don't get to enjoy God's purpose and will for our life to the fullest, simply because we still hold on to our past. And we say a lot of things like; I just don't think I can, if you know what I have done, if you know my background, if… Continue reading There is more letting go of the past