The Fig Tree

The Fig tree has always been one tree that is being used as an illustration in the Bible. One could say out of all the trees and fruits that were used in the Bible, the Fig tree stands out. There are two major scenarios in the Bible where the fig tree was used and it's… Continue reading The Fig Tree


The Contemporary Church

We are in a time where the church wants to be one and not different from the world differing on all that God has called us to be. Although the world is naturally in the present, and it will be very unwise not to be aware of the time in which we find ourselves, but… Continue reading The Contemporary Church

Akobe-Ajibolu, The Believers Hangout

The Cross (Jesus and the two thieves, the personal significance)

I am sure we are very familiar with the story of the crucifixion of Christ and how it became the hallmark of salvation for mankind, the most historical event known to man and it's significance to us all. https://youtu.be/b94ggHzNO-c It's so beautiful how God used the cross to bring man into the great love He… Continue reading The Cross (Jesus and the two thieves, the personal significance)


The Prodigal who never left

The parable of the prodigal is inarguably one of the most famous of Jesus Christ's parable in the Bible. Although the context of the bible applies to one who was in Christ or a believer but decides to leave for the world to go and taste and enjoy the things of the world. After suffering… Continue reading The Prodigal who never left