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Awakening the God in us 



Most times in our life we ask ourselves what really is there to thus life, is it just about ourself, living a day at a time or living for others or I’d it living out our purpose. This are all important but what makes them important or worthwhile?  

A lot of us get to scratch the surface of who we are by discovering purpose and living it out, only few of us discover whom we are. “Gods. and it is only by first discovering this that we can live out life and really fulfill purpose and destiny. 


            “Jesus answered  them is it not written in your law, ‘I said “you are gods”?    

                                  -John 10:34 

This was Jesus reply when he was asked by the pharisees and Jews to clarify who he really was to them. Which they still didn’t quite understand as they couldn’t look their understanding. 

     Heaven isn’t for mere mortals, it is prepared and home to God and heavenly beings. Jesus was trying to tell them this simple truth, man was created in the likeness of God, yes, but not talking about the physical appearance, but  in the nature, because after he had moulded man, man wasn’t a living being until after he gave man a part of him. This is what makes us to be gods, because we all carry a part f God, which can never be destroyed and also identify us with him. 

When Jesus told them this, they sought after his life, why? Whey thought he was just a mortal, how was it possible that he can do all this, only God can do this. Yes only God could do this, Christian has to remind them of their true self. And the funny thing was that it was written in their law book.  He was simply telling them you can also do this if only you look inwards. 

      “They do not know, nor      understand;they all walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are unstable. I said “you are gods, all of you are children of the most high.”  

                                – psalms 82:5-6 

Here David was saying exactly what Jesus was saying to the Jews, he realized the place of men on earth as gods. No wonder he was professed by God to be a man after his own heart (God). We all attribute this to the fact that he knew how to worship God, it is very true but it was only possible for him because he knew who he was to Godard it takes a god to worship the true God so worship for David was effortless. 

            “For God is a spirit and the who must worship mist worship in spirit……”


Likewise if we must live life to the fullest and fulfill purpose, vsions and our dreams we must activate the God inside of us. 

Only when we activate the God inside of us can we truly Partake in all of his promises and blessings concerning us, as they were meant for His sons and the sons are spirit being.  




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