The Fig Tree

The Fig tree has always been one tree that is being used as an illustration in the Bible.

One could say out of all the trees and fruits that were used in the Bible, the Fig tree stands out. There are two major scenarios in the Bible where the fig tree was used and it’s character was revealed. And in both scenario the underlying character is how it cannot be trusted, although at the moment it seems like the best option but at the end it fails to meet the need it boast to address.

On His way back to the city early next morning, Jesus was hungry He saw a fig tree by the side of the road and went to it but found nothing on it except leaves. So He said to the tree, “you will never again bear fruit!” At once the fig tree dried up.

– Matthew 21: 18-19

I could remember the first time I saw a fig fruit, I was excited not just because I was seeing this fruit but that I was privileged to experience a fruit that was often referred to in the Bible, it also seem great and edible. Another thing that excited me more was the nice and sweet smell it had, and this prepared my mind to expect to eat something so sweet, infact sweeter than any fruit I’ve ever had, but to my disappointment, when I started eating I discovered it had no taste at all and I was almost about to throw up.

Here I am realizing the very nature of the fig tree, how flabouyant it is when it really does lack substance, even to the fruit and how Jesus must have felt so much he cursed the tree.

Going back to the Fall of man in the garden, after man disobeyed and was strip off the glory which they enjoyed through fellowship with God, they realized they were naked and needed to cover themselves, once again falling into the same trap which the devil had caught them with prior to eating the fruit which they have been instructed not to eat from.

All the temptation man has ever been faced with from the fall to our present day can be categorized into three namely;

  1. Lust of the flesh
  2. Lust of the eye
  3. Pride of life

After they had eaten of the fruit, their life immediately became conformed the three things which they fell for, so while they sought to cover their nakedness they went for the very thing that offers to feed their innate desires which is fueled by this three factors which was also the fig tree and we also saw that this also was still insufficient and couldn’t still meet the need in the garden also.

They covered themselves with the most appealing thing they could find in the garden even though it might not be sufficient but since it seem to fit with the inclination of the new state, to make up for the glory that they have lost as a result of sin which came in through their pride which caused them to disobey God.

The very thing they thought would make them like God failed them the moment God stepped into the garden, all of this thing didn’t seem to matter except one thing which is that they have disobeyed and couldn’t stand in the presence of God.

The presence of God is one which carries as much power. The nature of God is such that His presence carries a strong conviction of sin and also exposes it but God will leave us naked and ridiculed and left at the mercy of the devil.

The very first corruption in the entire universe was that which was caused by pride which caused the devil his place in heaven and it had been a powerful tool for the devil, as he knows how God feels about pride.

God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

– James 4:6

This played out in both Gen3 and Matt 22:16-19, where God had to strip them of the lie which pride has tried to cover them with and replace it with a tunic of skin, so as to cover them properly. And also with Christ when the fig tree in it’s pride tried to entice Him when it was not it’s season to bear fruits, the tree was humbled by His pronunciation upon it.

Whatever prides gets us will never last even though it might seem it might but it never does. Pride lacks the ability to bear fruits. It tries to make people think it can by boasting in itself, becoming so enticing one is deceived by it but all it brings is disappointment, and in some cases eternal disappointment.

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