In the beginning when God created the universe, He had a plan, perfectly laid out and detailed, His words alone brought them to play and they all came int existence. how beautiful they were, they all were distinguish even if they look similar but all have their peculiarity.

the entire creation was intentional; it didn’t just happen by chance neither was it that some things were created by mistake. He had a plan, a reason and they all had their role to play in the creation story and in His plan.

if no detail was left out in the creation of the fish of the sea, the fowls of the air and the beast o the field even up to the insects and the micro-organisms. with each playing it role in God’s plan effectively without infringing on each other. how much more intentional could He be with man.

when it was time for the creation of man, God called a meeting, one which prior to that time hasn’t been scheduled like that.

come let us make man in our image, after our likeness…….

– Gen 1:26

this singular verse of the scripture reveals to us the entire blueprint of God’s creation. this also showed the importance f the meeting that was called because, God took five (5) days to prepare for a meeting that will bring into existence His ultimate creation. man’s creation was intentional from the beginning god had a plan, and that is for man to be like Him! God is a relational being, as He relates with Himself [The Trinity] in perfect sync and also the angels and all the host of heaven. so perfect is their relationship they all love and adore Him forever. Although God is the ultimate and all powerful God, there is something He can’t do and that is to worship Himself. although the angels and the elders and the host of heaven have been doing this for what seems like eternity. This was a crucial part of God, which He also gave to man.

God is not one to do things without having a reason for it God has a purpose for creating everyone. no man was just created because someone got pregnant with him/her and since by natural law, every pregnant mother must give birth to a child. NO!! God has a purpose for thee child regardless of the situation surrounding the birth or the life of the said child.

I chose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations.

– Jer. 1:5

Most times people will relate with each of these three based on personal perception, even personally when I started to write on the subject matter, I was strong believer that man was created for relationship only while every other follows, but as I went further I discovered that it wasn’t so. This is to tell that this isn’t my personal opinion as I believe I am more inclined to the relationship part of man and tend to look at things in life from this perspective. That relationship is the ultimate, but this study took me deeper than that. The three [Relationship, worship, and Purpose] are the three pillars that our lives are built upon. Which if one is over emphasize upon takes one out of God’s plan, as they are all inter-relational and can’t be separated.


When God said “come let us make man in our image and our likeness” this statement reveals that God is a relational being and also intends to make man like that to be in relationship with himself [body, spirit and soul] and also with God, that’s why after He had created man, He continued to fellowship with man, there can’t be fellowship if there isn’t relationship. God was revealing His plan to man through their fellowship. We belong to Him and He loves us. He is so much in love with us that He wants us all to Himself, that’s why after the fall of man He had to look for another way to fix the relationship that was broken through sin. To bring us to His original plan and design.

that evening they had the Lord God walking in the garden, and they hid themselves from Him amongst the trees.

Gen 3:8

It was never God’s plan to leave man to himself but that they both enjoyed a good relationship.


Worship is anything that we do that please God and gives Him glory. Worship is giving reference to Him, worship isn’t in the songs we sing, it is whatever we do that gives him glory and pleases Him. Although we ascribe worship to singing, worship can be in any form like; poetry, service, psalms, giving even loving god and people. man was also created for worship.

and for thy pleasure thou have created, all that was created

– Rev. 4:11

God takes pleasure in the praise of His people why? Because they are fulfilling his will, the reason why he created them. Worship is core in the existence of man, it is a need that comes naturally, but one has been disconnected by sin, but still sees the need for worship, so they result to the worship of self and other material god to meet the need for worship. It has always been God’s plan that we worship Him and Him alone.


Now this is what a man was created for, purpose can be said to be the assignment that God commits to a person to be fulfilled on earth.

to have dominion over the birds of the air, the fish of the sea and all the creation.

Gen. 1:26-27

In this scripture we come to understand that even before man was created, he already has an outlined purpose which must be lived out and fulfilled. Although like the others (relationship and worship) it is also said to be the ultimate in life. Every man on the planet has a purpose for being created.

Purpose wasn’t something that was discovered by man after creation, but it has always been in His blueprint, and the purpose of man at creation was to take dominion over all that God has created and to also tend to the garden that was committed to his hands.

When I started this study I took a poll and the result was mind blowing. With 70% saying man was created for worship, 20% said man was created for purpose and 10% said man was created for relationship. Although the poll was done with some selected person. I won’t be making any assumption on the subjects.

The three [Relationship, Worship and purpose] are independent subject matter with each having their peculiarity but they are important to a believer and this is the three ultimate of God’s creation of man.

There isn’t any way one would engage in either of the three without the other two showing up or being involved.

Our generation is one which priority is on fulfilling purpose, simply because we don’t want the world to think our lives was a meaningless life, or to just give our lives meaning but often times purpose isn’t for our personal fulfillment, but for others. Purpose wasn’t giving to man to make his life more important, but to make the community of God’s creation better, and to bring about an effective community relationship is needed as it is through this that we could rise to be what God intended and ultimately if our purpose doesn’t bring about relationship and also cause or raise worship to God, then it is done out of context, as it is God’s intention to be worshiped by His creation and also if you worship lacks relationship and is void of purpose then it isn’t the real deal. As God is a God of balance and we must at all times find the balance for the three.

They might look independent but thy are very dependent than they seem independent. For they are the pillars on which God has created us, and our life should be based on them. We should always remember that we are created for God’s pleasure, so, if our relationship, worship and purpose doesn’t seem to do that, then it isn’t God’s plan for us.

The Lord takes pleasure in His people.
Psalms 149:4a

You created everything and it is for your pleasure that they did exist and were created

Rev. 4:11


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