What is the ultimate In life?

I was talking with a colleague some times back and we were like what is the ultimate in life and he said money and he was quick to raise some points to support his argument and this was what he said and I quote “the ultimate in life aside God is money because the reason people go to school is to get a good job and it is still aimed at getting money,the reason people do what the do is still because of money” but I told him the truth which he didn’t agree with, which was clearly stated in Mathew 22:36-39 mostly in Vs 39 the ultimate in life is relationship because Christ attested to this fact money without relationship is going to be filled with depression, now if money is the ultimate I don’t think it should bring depression or loneliness but relationship brings peace, joy love and in fact helps fulfil purpose as this was greatly demonstrated in the life of Jesus.
When man was created he was created to worship God and it was recorded that man was in fellowship with God and for there to be fellowship there has to be relationship and even after the fall God still went far to mend the broken relationship between him and man that is to tell you the importance of relationship but the devil has replaced this so important thing with love for money that people no longer value relationship anymore.

But I stand to say that the ultimate is relationship cos it is the greatest of all commandments

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