I am my greatest asset

I remembered when i bought my phone,there was this app a friend of mine was using that i so loved,so the first thing i did was to get the app and install. I did enjoyed it just for the first day and then it began to misbehave but because it works well on my friends phone i thought it should with mine but since my phone was new and improved it couldn’t work well with it. And the funny thing was that my phone actually had the function of the app and even more improved but i never bothered to check because i believe what improvement could there be when i can just get the app from my friend,but i was disappointed when it Started to malfunction.
Many of us are like me we have been loaded with the potential to do more than what others do but we believe why should i? when this person is already doing well and then we end up not living up to our full potential, we begin to have problems. Jesus asked his disciples who do they think He is but they were busy looking at others opinion of Him these are people who has been with Him for long that people couldn’t tell the difference between them but they were carried away by peoples opinion that they forgot they actually knew him better than anybody on earth at that time until peter gave the answer because he chose to look inward. He discovered himself, that he was a disciple while those who gave those opinion were not.
Before you reach full potential you must first discover yourself and not depend on others opinion of you.
You are the only limit to your greatness, u can be anything you imagine not what anybody imagines for you.
You are your greatest asset

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